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        Is patience something you have to work on or is it something that people are just born with? I learned last night that no matter how much patience you are born with or you think you might have there are always those moments were you get more impatient in your life then you thought possible. A lot of the time we’re impatient for absolutely no reason at all. Case in point, last night I became very impatient with my son. There was no reason for my impatience, there was nothing different going on than usual. I wasn’t stressed out at all; he wasn’t doing anything to cause me to be impatient with him. It just happened out of nowhere, I just felt so impatient with him for no reason at all. But the biggest thing that bugged me the most was that I couldn’t make it go away. Now I’m not trying to boast and but if you’d ask my wife I am a very patient man, especially when it comes to babies. I never get upset, no matter how fussy they get. So, back to last night just all the sudden o

“What’s your choice?” Marriage or Divorce

Healing a Broken Heart             As we go through life we are faced with many choices. Every day we choose to get out of bed, we choose to dress ourselves, we choose who our friends are, we choose the relationships we have, we choose what we love, who we love and how we love. So why in the world are more and more people choosing to get a divorce just because they think they don’t love that person anymore? Now I’m talking in the concept of two people mutually getting a divorce because they agree they don’t love each other. Not those that get a divorce for being cheated on, domestically abused, etc. So to continue on, how do you just all the sudden fall out of love with the person that you have been married to? No matter how long it is, one year or fifty it doesn’t matter. The answer is you don’t. A divorce doesn’t just happen overnight it is usually a long drawn out battle between the two individuals.                         Now let’s think about it for a second, who sta

Measuring Success

How is success measured?  What does it mean to you? Are you only successful when other people think you are?                What defines success? There is no defining answer on what success truly is. Most people I've come into contact with view success as only attainable when you reach a certain age or status in life. But everyone defines success differently and there is nothing wrong with that. What is wrong, is when people try to push what they think success means onto someone else and say that that other person is not successful. Now let’s take a mother for example, it doesn’t matter how many kids you have, if you have one or ten, you are still a mother.  But in the world we live in I have heard people say “She’s not going to be successful in life”, “She’s going to have to take care of her kids for the rest of her life” or “She’ll be too busy to accomplish anything”. Now these statements just make me want to punch someone in the face. How did you get s

"It's time to STOP running"

At different points in our lives we start to realize that we are not being who we are or who we can become. We start losing focus on the things that should be more important to us. We start planning our future, but forget the real reason or what we are planning for. We start to focus on  worldly obsession or monetary items that ultimately have no value in the big scheme of things. With all this stuff in our way we start running from who we are and the responsibilities that we have, because we think we are too busy to fulfill them. But in all reality most of the things we do are busy work, to make us think we are busy, but we really are not accomplishing anything. So I say " It's time to STOP running " and time to start using our time and talents to better the world in which we live.  If you don't like the world you live in " CHANGE IT " stop running!!! -Daniel Baker