“What’s your choice?” Marriage or Divorce

Healing a Broken Heart
            As we go through life we are faced with many choices. Every day we choose to get out of bed, we choose to dress ourselves, we choose who our friends are, we choose the relationships we have, we choose what we love, who we love and how we love. So why in the world are more and more people choosing to get a divorce just because they think they don’t love that person anymore? Now I’m talking in the concept of two people mutually getting a divorce because they agree they don’t love each other. Not those that get a divorce for being cheated on, domestically abused, etc. So to continue on, how do you just all the sudden fall out of love with the person that you have been married to? No matter how long it is, one year or fifty it doesn’t matter. The answer is you don’t. A divorce doesn’t just happen overnight it is usually a long drawn out battle between the two individuals.
            Now let’s think about it for a second, who started this battle? Was it you or your spouse. The answer might surprise you if you truly think about it. It was both of you. When was the day you started caring more about your selfish desires and stopped caring about your spouse? You can’t change who they are the only person that you can change is yourself and in turn hope that your spouse would want to change with you. If you truly look in the mirror at the person starring back at you what do you see? Now go and look at your spouse, now what do you see? What you will see is the anguish on their face and that same pain that you are feeling at this very moment they are also feeling possibly more. Even though they probably will not say it, you will see it. So now to get back to the different choices we make every day. What’s your choice going to be? Are you going to save the family you’ve worked so hard to have or are you going to let those selfish choices you’ve been making ruin the rest of your life. I bet if you truly look at your spouse and get back to the basics and love them for who they are and not what they do, you will find that love that you thought was lost. The answer all lies in what choice will I make. Will I fight or will I be a fool and lose the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life.

-Daniel Baker

“What’s your choice?”


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