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Stand for Something or Fall for Anything

We have all been told that we must Stand for Something or Fall for Anything
With the current state of our Local, National and World cultures constantly changing and shifting like the wind, this notion and logic at its surface makes sense and is to many, the key to how they deal with their surroundings. Although I do believe that we must stand for something I think the logic has caused many of the issues we are actually witnessing in this day and age. All though I’m not normally one to delve into the political arena, I would like to use the current state of our politically divide to highlight a major point as to why the idea of Standing for Something or Fall for Anything is an outdated ideology, or at least needs to be clarified. Let’s take our current political scene for example. As we have seen over the last year in our presidential election, a great divide has swept our nation and has caused much turmoil inside the homes and hearts of everyone who calls our great country home. The q…