"It's time to STOP running"

At different points in our lives we start to realize that we are not being who we are or who we can become. We start losing focus on the things that should be more important to us. We start planning our future, but forget the real reason or what we are planning for. We start to focus on worldly obsession or monetary items that ultimately have no value in the big scheme of things. With all this stuff in our way we start running from who we are and the responsibilities that we have, because we think we are too busy to fulfill them. But in all reality most of the things we do are busy work, to make us think we are busy, but we really are not accomplishing anything. So I say "It's time to STOP running" and time to start using our time and talents to better the world in which we live. 

If you don't like the world you live in "CHANGE IT" stop running!!!

-Daniel Baker


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