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Parents: 6 Ways to Be Extraordinary

Allow your kids to be with you Take the time to let your children hang out with you. This is where they learn how to interact with others and see you in action. The best way to teach a child is by being an example to them. Always tell your children to do the best they can  This gives them a goal to work towards. Allow their best to be good enough. Congratulate them when they do!!   Praise the act of trying more than their accomplishments  Sometimes just trying, even if they fail, teaches  a  greater l esson than actually succeeding. Follow through on your promises   Most of all   HAVE FUN!!!!

The Door

Everyday is the same, I wake up, take a shower, put my clothes on, and get ready for the day. Then I  try to play with the kids, and attempt to eat breakfast when time allows. But, then in a blink of an eye I have to face you. I have to stare you down and find the courage inside to turn that little round knob that you hold, with all it's glimmer and glory, yet I dislike the very thought of reaching out and grasping it. Now, if but for a moment I think of what extending my hand means. It means that I have to leave my family behind and walk into the world outside, it means that by walking through that threshold I have to miss my children growing up, it means that I have to say goodbye to the ones that I hold most near and dear to my heart. Door in this moment, if I were able, I would fight, I would tell you no and stand up to you in the very way I protect my family. But deep down I know I must go, I must take that step into the world and leave the ones I love behind. Ye

Measuring Success

How is success measured?  What does it mean to you? Are you only successful when other people think you are?                What defines success? There is no defining answer on what success truly is. Most people I've come into contact with view success as only attainable when you reach a certain age or status in life. But everyone defines success differently and there is nothing wrong with that. What is wrong, is when people try to push what they think success means onto someone else and say that that other person is not successful. Now let’s take a mother for example, it doesn’t matter how many kids you have, if you have one or ten, you are still a mother.  But in the world we live in I have heard people say “She’s not going to be successful in life”, “She’s going to have to take care of her kids for the rest of her life” or “She’ll be too busy to accomplish anything”. Now these statements just make me want to punch someone in the face. How did you get s

Fatherhood: What’s the big deal?

Why are Father’s Important? Also, what are the benefits and blessings of sacrificing time to be with your children?                All around us people are asking and saying should I even have children? How many should I have? If I have more than one my life is over? But they take up so much of my time. Why would I want to change diapers every day?  And the biggest of them all, we accidently got pregnant should we keep it?                For you men out there "What the heck are you thinking?" Why are you leaving the woman to pick up your slack? Why are you failing at your responsibilities? In this nation we have become so self absorbed to even realize what life means and we never look back on how we were raised and the type of people that raised us. Now grant it not all of us come from humble backgrounds. There are many walks of life that we choose to take and yes I mean to say choose because we choose who we are and what we can become. Just because you grew up in th

"It's time to STOP running"

At different points in our lives we start to realize that we are not being who we are or who we can become. We start losing focus on the things that should be more important to us. We start planning our future, but forget the real reason or what we are planning for. We start to focus on  worldly obsession or monetary items that ultimately have no value in the big scheme of things. With all this stuff in our way we start running from who we are and the responsibilities that we have, because we think we are too busy to fulfill them. But in all reality most of the things we do are busy work, to make us think we are busy, but we really are not accomplishing anything. So I say " It's time to STOP running " and time to start using our time and talents to better the world in which we live.  If you don't like the world you live in " CHANGE IT " stop running!!! -Daniel Baker