Is patience something you have to work on or is it something that people are just born with? I learned last night that no matter how much patience you are born with or you think you might have there are always those moments were you get more impatient in your life then you thought possible. A lot of the time we’re impatient for absolutely no reason at all.

Case in point, last night I became very impatient with my son. There was no reason for my impatience, there was nothing different going on than usual. I wasn’t stressed out at all; he wasn’t doing anything to cause me to be impatient with him. It just happened out of nowhere, I just felt so impatient with him for no reason at all. But the biggest thing that bugged me the most was that I couldn’t make it go away. Now I’m not trying to boast and but if you’d ask my wife I am a very patient man, especially when it comes to babies. I never get upset, no matter how fussy they get. So, back to last night just all the sudden out of the blue I felt so impatient with him it was crazy.
   So what did I do with this impatience? Well I faced it head on I took him in my arms and held him until the feeling went away. There is nothing better in life than to hold a little child’s heart close to yours and feel the love flow through them into your soul. I’m not sure if it was just a test to see what I would do but if it was I do hope I passed the test and I never want to have that feeling again. Honestly it brought me to tears. I couldn’t believe I could even be that impatient with such a wonderful child.
   My challenge to those who read this post is to figure out what you’re impatient at and face it head on. I promise you that if you do you will become a better person and the things that you think are hard in life will become the greatest joys you probably have in life your just blinded by your impatience.


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