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Startup of Non-Profit Adoption Services: Essential Families: The Adoption Sentinel

Our goal is to connect Potential Forever Families with free consultations, as well as help them in the adoption process. Our primary objective is to help families pay for the fees associated with the adoption processes.
We are also aiming to connect multiple Adoption Foundations/Agencies into one simple location, i.e. a website platform, that families can go to in order to receive the correct information needed to help them make the right decisions for their current and future families.

Although a little outdated, the below post shows the current state of our adoption system. Although it has improved in the last few decades, we still have a long road head of us.

Surprising Facts You May Not Know About Adoption 

A Little Background Story

While serving 10 years in the US Air Force I had many opportunities to travel the world and see many things that most only dream of seeing. However one thing that I have seen first hand and watched for over that decade, were the amount of young children that lived without families. On one occasion back in 2008 I was part of a C-17 Crew that went to South America and during the trip we stopped at an Orphanage to just volunteer and provide service for the kids. It was an amazing experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life because those children were amazing. Now during this same time period my wife was pregnant with our first child and as a soon to be Father I couldn't help but think of her and how blessed she was going to be to have a Mom and Dad to help her grow. But my thoughts turned to those children we just met and everything inside of me wanted to do something for them. But at the time I could only smile and play a game of football (soccer) with them.

However times have changed and life has brought me full circle back to that moment and I now have the ability to try and do what I can for every child that needs adopted.

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