The Power of Freedom

The Power of Freedom

As a Father of 3, I have seen the true Power of Freedom and the joy it brings to my children’s faces. The Freedoms they received from taking their first steps, saying there first words and/or riding their bikes without the need of training wheels. These freedoms, and many more, they have already experienced in life. But the ultimate freedom that they enjoy is the freedom to choose.

If we stop and think about it for a second each action above came from a choice. The first action of learning how to walk, they chose to overcome the bodily restraints placed on them as an infant. But how did they do that, how did they obtain such freedom to walk? Was freedom just handed to them? Was it just something they automatically had? Obviously not!! From the time they were born their bodies had to start using their muscles and their brains had to start making certain connections and destroying others in order to have the ability to just move, let alone balance or brace themselves…

Parents: 6 Ways to Be Extraordinary

Allow your kids to be with you
Take the time to let your children hang out with you. This is where they learn how to interact with others and see you in action. The best way to teach a child is by being an example to them.
Always tell your children to do the best they can  This gives them a goal to work towards. Allow their best to be good enough.
Congratulate them when they do!! Praise the act of trying more than their accomplishments  Sometimes just trying, even if they fail, teaches 
a greater lesson than actually succeeding.
Follow through on your promises
Most of all HAVE FUN!!!!

Stand for Something or Fall for Anything

We have all been told that we must Stand for Something or Fall for Anything
With the current state of our Local, National and World cultures constantly changing and shifting like the wind, this notion and logic at its surface makes sense and is to many, the key to how they deal with their surroundings. Although I do believe that we must stand for something I think the logic has caused many of the issues we are actually witnessing in this day and age. All though I’m not normally one to delve into the political arena, I would like to use the current state of our politically divide to highlight a major point as to why the idea of Standing for Something or Fall for Anything is an outdated ideology, or at least needs to be clarified. Let’s take our current political scene for example. As we have seen over the last year in our presidential election, a great divide has swept our nation and has caused much turmoil inside the homes and hearts of everyone who calls our great country home. The q…

The Door

Everyday is the same, I wake up, take a shower, put my clothes on, and get ready for the day. Then I  try to play with the kids, and attempt to eat breakfast when time allows.

But, then in a blink of an eye I have to face you.

I have to stare you down and find the courage inside to turn that little round knob that you hold, with all it's glimmer and glory, yet I dislike the very thought of reaching out and grasping it.

Now, if but for a moment I think of what extending my hand means. It means that I have to leave my family behind and walk into the world outside, it means that by walking through that threshold I have to miss my children growing up, it means that I have to say goodbye to the ones that I hold most near and dear to my heart.

Door in this moment, if I were able, I would fight, I would tell you no and stand up to you in the very way I protect my family. But deep down I know I must go, I must take that step into the world and leave the ones I love behind.

Yet somehow and in s…

The Winding Road of Life

As we travel through this journey called life, we tend to feel as if we are traveling on a winding road that sometimes feels like we are going up and sometimes we feel like we are falling completely of the side of the cliff, just tumbling down to the seemingly never ending abyss. As we continue on the journey we come into contact with many people who help us to be better than we are and sometimes we find ourselves surrounded by those who drag us down to deep despair and we always wonder how we got there in the first place.

Why is this? Why is life so challenging at times and in other instances it feels like we are floating on clouds? Why must we have these challenges and should we allow them to control who we are? Do you see these challenges as stumbling blocks or an all out brick wall stopping you from becoming the person you want to become?

The answer to these questions are something that we all must find within ourselves and when we find and answer each one of them honestly, we will …


Is patience something you have to work on or is it something that people are just born with? I learned last night that no matter how much patience you are born with or you think you might have there are always those moments were you get more impatient in your life then you thought possible. A lot of the time we’re impatient for absolutely no reason at all.

Case in point, last night I became very impatient with my son. There was no reason for my impatience, there was nothing different going on than usual. I wasn’t stressed out at all; he wasn’t doing anything to cause me to be impatient with him. It just happened out of nowhere, I just felt so impatient with him for no reason at all. But the biggest thing that bugged me the most was that I couldn’t make it go away. Now I’m not trying to boast and but if you’d ask my wife I am a very patient man, especially when it comes to babies. I never get upset, no matter how fussy they get. So, back to last night just all the sudden out of the blu…

“What’s your choice?” Marriage or Divorce

As we go through life we are faced with many choices. Every day we choose to get out of bed, we choose to dress ourselves, we choose who our friends are, we choose the relationships we have, we choose what we love, who we love and how we love. So why in the world are more and more people choosing to get a divorce just because they think they don’t love that person anymore? Now I’m talking in the concept of two people mutually getting a divorce because they agree they don’t love each other. Not those that get a divorce for being cheated on, domestically abused, etc. So to continue on, how do you just all the sudden fall out of love with the person that you have been married to? No matter how long it is, one year or fifty it doesn’t matter. The answer is you don’t. A divorce doesn’t just happen overnight it is usually a long drawn out battle between the two individuals.             Now let’s think about it for a second, who started this battle? Was it you or your spouse. The answer mig…