The Winding Road of Life

As we travel through this journey called life, we tend to feel as if we are traveling on a winding road that sometimes feels like we are going up and sometimes we feel like we are falling completely of the side of the cliff, just tumbling down to the seemingly never ending abyss. As we continue on the journey we come into contact with many people who help us to be better than we are and sometimes we find ourselves surrounded by those who drag us down to deep despair and we always wonder how we got there in the first place.

Why is this? Why is life so challenging at times and in other instances it feels like we are floating on clouds? Why must we have these challenges and should we allow them to control who we are? Do you see these challenges as stumbling blocks or an all out brick wall stopping you from becoming the person you want to become?

The answer to these questions are something that we all must find within ourselves and when we find and answer each one of them honestly, we will start to see that maybe our challenges aren't so bad. Just maybe these obstacles that I'm facing are molding me into who I want to become and you start to realize that those people that inspire you to do better, to be better, are the ones ultimately help lead you to feeling like you are someone of great worth in this world. They are the ones that help pull you away from the cliffs and are there to catch you before you fall further to that never ending abyss. Be grateful for those that help do this for you, whoever they might be show them your gratitude by simple acts of kindness.

But also realize that, although those individuals are placed in your life, it is ultimately your decision to face the obstacles placed in front of you. The only person that can truly change you is YOU!!! No one else can help you decide that the challenges you face, are what help mold you into that person you want to become. This challenges that seem difficult are truly there helping to guide and mold you into someone better and more able to eventually be the one that others look up to for help and guess what, you will know exactly how to help them because you yourself went through those exact challenges they are facing.

My challenge to you is to be BRAVE!! Stand and Fight for yourself and the person you want to become. That person is in there, I can promise you that.


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